Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring is trying to spring...

Has it really been since January since I've posted last? Good Grief, Charlie Brown!!! Sorry to everyone that usually read my blog. It's been a little bit of everything to be honest about not posting.

I haven't even been craft lately! Although I did just sign up for a Sweet Sentiments Tag swap and I have until the end of May to get them shipped out - I think that should be ample time to make 16 tags. You know I'll wait till that last week and freak out about getting them done - well I will try not to do that. My friend Bev alerted me of the swap and it turns out that we are in the same swap group - SWEET!
We've been house hunting. What a tiring thing! We've had our hearts broken a couple times already - turns out those houses that have been on the market for like 2 years are suddenly under agreement the minute you want to look at them. But today we went to 2 open houses and scoped out a few other potentials. We've decided to put a bid in on the one. So cross your fingers! I'm sure we'll need it - since that's just been our luck. More to come as that unfolds.

So has it not been great to hear birds chirping? Even though it's currently 40 degrees, raining and super windy- I'm totally looking forward to warmer days. I was inspired to break out a couple of cheery spring items, even though we are already packing away non-essential items. I just had to! Look how sweet they are!