Friday, August 14, 2009


I joined these two swaps today. That's one way of getting my butt in the creative mode. More to come on these soon. I plan on cleaning up more of the studio this weekend. I need to get the boxes outta there and get the creative mojo in.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


As you can only imagine my lack of blog upkeep has been due to #1 its summertime and #2 busy trying to put together and do upkeep on the new house. Bill and I did manager to escape for a long weekend of camping...although it was a soggy mess for all but 1 1/2 of the days. We had to unpack everything, hose it down and set it all back up to dry when we got home - of course it did not rain for the rest of that day. This is our camp site in the Allegheny National Forest, a pick of Bill being the fire mater and me vegging while reading Paper Crafts in the hammock. I heart that hammock!! and thankfully to this day I have never plummeted to the ground in it.

The following day we spend the entire day doing yard work. It's amazing how much work there is to be done. I love the landscaping that was done by the previous owners, but they require some up keep. Especially, since other than mowing the lawn the last couple of months, not much else has been done. Lots of weeding by hand and by weed whacker. So much weed whacking in fact that we had to go buy another spool of line the same day to continue. It's a very gratifying to look at the work you've just slaved over and realize, yep that's ours. All of the outdoor work has left me with quite the sunburn - yeah I realized 3 hours in that I had no sunblock on - nor did I realize I would be out there all day either.

My scrapbook space is becoming less of a shambles. I have a huge bin of items that I feel I no longer need, but apparently I felt the need when we moved to pack them all. I signed up at the Scrapbook Super Station for their Scrap Yard Sale in September to help sell off my unwanted goods. If you get a chance to go when they have their yard sale - GO!! You can get some great deal and some good finds. I have been a seller once before and a buyer plenty of times and found some great things. Stamp sets and Quickutz for a bargain, you name it. I can't wait to get back in my space and get to creating. I've picked up a load of inspiration lately - so hopefully I can get back at it soon. Also, so beloved crafty gals have been asking me to post new creations...hopefully they will be coming soon.

Well I'm off to attempt to finish another project!