Sunday, January 27, 2008

O' Scrappy Day!

So today I went to the Scrapbook Super Station yesterday morning for their Scrapbook Yard Sale. I got there right after their doors opened, so I wasn't standing out in the cold like last time - being the 50th person in line! If you ever get a chance to check one of them out - they are usually pretty awesome and hectic - women wielding baskets trying to get that bargain that is someone else's discards. I have developed a method to the madness when I go - no coat, purse or basket (slows you down) - cash, debit, id and car key in pocket (yard sale is cash and carry only). So here's my stash that I managed to grab from the yard sale. I got an unused 12x12 Basic Grey album with other BG goodies stashed inside (using this for my wedding album), brand new Making Memories craft apron, a new red cloth 8x8 album, Karen Foster new mini album, K&Co kit to make a decorated file folder - half completed, an acrylic Provo Craft Stamp, buttons, another little album, a photo organizer (not pictured) and a sheep ornament. Ornament you say - well it's felt and can be used as an embellishment - besides I have the ribbon that matches him....anyhow all this for $19.00 - the most expensive item was the BG scrapbook at $10. Yippee!!! I love a bargain - but wait there's more! I managed to score this: for 75% off! Regularly $169.99 - 75% = $42.50! I was super crazed yesterday - had I off had more moola I would have bought another one and sold it to a friend or if they didn't want it - ebay! I got a few other misc items yesterday from clearance since it was all 75% off because of the yard sale. Next time the yard sale roles around I'm not only going to shop it - I have a box full of stuff - I'm waiting to unload and get credit to go toward something new! So I just had to share my amazing deal of the day! The cats make out too when I go to the scrapbook store - they end up with a new hideout for the day, or at least until they start to destroy it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alter it!

I've been feeling under the weather for most of the day, but finally got motivation enough to make this little gift for my friend Starr's birthday. It was really fun and super easy. Some pictures printed on cardstock, glitter, a couple stamps and an emptly pizza sauce jar. Don't through away those jars - recycle them - the crafty way! I got the inspiration from a Christmas gift my friend Joyce gave me - that I absolutely adore. It's me the craft fairy at age 3.

New Toy!

I just love when I get new toys! I was in Michael's the other day perusing the entire store, because sometime you find hidden treasures...don't laugh, I know you do it too! And anyhow I found this: A soldering tool - I've been secretly lusting after one so that I can make cool things like this. I'm excited to try it out. I'll have to post my first victim project soon.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Okay, so most of you know I have three furry little children...yes my cats are like my kids. No I'm not the crazy cat lady...not yet anyway. So I thought that I would post a couple pics and introduce them to you all. The oldest is Emily and she is the bathroom monitor. If she sees you heading towards that bathroom she will almost run you over to get there before you do - strange! The middle child is Simon - he's the brother in the bunch. He's very lovable and acts more like a dog than a cat. He greets me everyday at the door when I come home and begs for every piece of food you have. The baby in the bunch is Missi. She super spooky when we have company and sleeps on her back 95% of the time. She's the annoying little sister in the bunch. So that's the furry little crew!


I did manage to make a couple crafty items over the bustling holiday season - here's a sampling! The first one is a Winter Survival Kit that I made for my mom. I filled with all kinds of stuff to survive the winter like hand lotion, Kleenex, hot chocolate, a dvd, etc. The second one is a topper that I put in the can to go along with the hot chocolate. This last one was an ornament I made for a swap I entered. It was so much fun and totally a different feel than I usually do, but I loved it! Would you believe the base is a recycled ribbon spool?! Me either, but check it out here - I love her blog. She has some amazing projects that have provided me with some much needed inspiration.

Happy 2008!

Hello everyone! No I didn't fall off the end of the earth - I slacked quite a bit with the holidays. Resolutions #1 - Be a better blogger! I hope everyone had a great holiday season - we did. Be back with more soon!