Sunday, September 9, 2007

Remembering you...

Happy 70th birthday Pap Bill! I wish you were here for us to celebrate, but you had to go away suddenly in May.

Thinking about you I have realized the amazing mark you have left on my life. You are the reason I love photography - I cannot ever remember a family event that you did not have a camera or video camera in his hand. (You can't see much of it, but there is an old 110 camera in the photo and that's me too.)

I know you're the reason I love of photography. That love has lead hand in hand down the path of the paper crafts that I do which is also a great love of mine. I can still hear you say "that's pretty damn neat Chele" every time I would show you some new crafting thing that I made - I know you truly appreciated the "stuff" I would make.

You were always jolly, smiling and full of laughter - which for the most part I am - or try to be and am thankful for that.

And in some way also, I have one of your weird quirks. You and your thing for ears! (it sounds strange, I know), but every time you wanted to pick on us a little you would grab the lobe of your ear and rub it - just enough to annoy you.

It seems funny but it's things like that I miss the most. I miss you!

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