Sunday, September 16, 2007

The girl who doesn't wear makeup...

So Saturday my matron of honor and bff Kim and I went to Sephora in Ross Park in search of wedding makeup. I typically or actually in the last 3 years haven't really worn makeup. I just don't get all geeked out about it like I use to. I can remember looking through magazines lusting after the newest line from Urban Decay - now I look through different magazines lusting after the newest release of patterned paper from Basic Grey. After wandering around Sephora for a while - or as I like to refer to it as "fluorescent hell" (it is SO bright in there) - I finally got my make up done, by this great guy Alex. Alex is the kind of guy you meet and want to make him your best girlfriend and want to steal his facial secrets. He did a fabulous job on my makeup and was brutally honest about makeup and colors. I ended up going with what I had originally set out for Bare Escentuals starter set plus a few other things, including an eyeshadow from Urban Decay named Mildew. I can see how a girl could get totally swept up in Sephora - it is a cool store if your into makeup. But word to the wise - it's not exactly cheap. My splurge was $125.19! But I'm only doing this marriage thing once - so dang it - I'm treating myself!

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