Saturday, March 29, 2008

Every once in a while...

Every once and a while you need a day for you. Today so far has been my day for me. I went to bed early - well relatively midnight - had the whole bed to myself since my dh Bill was out with his buddy Ryan. When I woke up this morning - I could tell it had been a late night / early morning for him. So I got myself together, wrote a note and headed out the door to my favorite hunting spots: antique stores and thrift stores.

I found some cool finds and managed to finally get into an antique store that has been alluding me for a while - very limited hours from 11-3 Saturdays only! But it was worth it - here's my score from there: all for $10. The reams of blanket binding was only 10 cents a piece! I fell in love with the baby photo - her name is Lois Jean Fry and apparently was 7 1/2 weeks old in the photo. I really like when you get vintage items that can tell a little bit of a story to you. Unlike the photo of the guy hold the rabbit - I just thought it was interesting. Make for a cool card later - perhaps a "hare" raising experience...haha- I have had WAY too much of Sheetz mocha today.

Then off to my next spot - the antique store with the bargain basement. My kind of place! Here's my score from there: I loved the frame , the green inset in it is velvety. The Christmas book underneath has some great images that I will be sharing down the road. I found the postcards at the last minute when I was at the check out - I found it funny what people had written on the back - a couple of them are post marked 1916.

And last but not least - between the two thrifts that I stopped out I found this little collection of goodies: Velveteen ribbon, cute little jello molds, a new glass jar to hold crafty things, paper mache box, a little tub and Easter eggs. To my pleasant surprise everything with an orange sticker was 1/2 off - guess what everything I had - had an orange sticker - gotta love spending $2.49 for everything.

So far my day's been fun - minus the coffee / adrenaline headache I have now. Hope you have fun today!

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