Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fuzzy pink bunny...

I love that after a day of crafting and gabbing with a wonderful group of friends and dragging my purse, 4 Quickutz binders, wheeled craft tote (you get the idea) up to my second story walk up apartment and moving my car around the block - I turn the corner to something that brings the biggest smile to my face of the day.

Although I didn't take a picture - imagine a adult size bright pink fuzzy smiling bunny with a basket handing out candy to kids! Thus, I have an old school little chocolate shoppe next door to my apartment. Fuzzy pinkness yelled out "Happy Easter" to me and I yelled back "Happy Easter to you - the sight of you makes me very happy".

On the way back around the corner carrying my second load of craft stuff and back up the stairs, I thought - you know I have a great group of friends, a loving family and even though the money is tight and there are struggles - I really love my life and little things like this just make my day complete.

What little thing makes you smile?

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Scrap for Joy said...

I agree-a day with friends, laughing, creating and of course, eating, pushes the darkest clouds away for a while. Had a great time yesterday...I really need that. What makes me smile...the smiles of a tiny grandson, scoring a great find at a yard/house sale, corny puns from David and son Michael, squirrels on the deck.....better stop there. I like to smile as much as possible! Love you friend!