Sunday, April 20, 2008

Antiques and a walk...

Yesterday was one of the most gorgeous days this year so far. It was so nice I opted to walk - well that's not the only reason... I need to be more active, it was nice & gas is $3.49 a gallon. I had a blast honestly.

I'm really into the architecture of the old buildings and streets. I have learned that if I take my camera I can cover more ground - makes walking more of an adventure than exercise and believe me I need all the help I can get to get motivated to actually exercise...anyhow....I went walking up to Main Street to go antiquing. I have a great appreciation for antiques and junking. My parents are both antique collectors - I can always remember growing up with some interesting pieces of furniture in our house. We had an old deacons bench in our living room ever since I can remember. I believe the story goes that my Dad brought it home across the back of his pick up truck because it was too long to fit length wise !?! the thing is like 8 or 9 feet long. Imagine passing that on the road!

There are so many more antique shops in Butler than I had remember, most in walking distance of each other. Here's the ones that are on Main Street or slightly off Main Street that I got to. I love this little shop that is tucked into an alley - Alley Antiques - justly named. I always find something neat in there. I had a conversation with an older man the last time I was there - they were talking about the "odd & ends" collectors - like myself and I spoke up proudly and said "Oh that's me". The man replied "We call people that collect like you bottom feeders". All I could think of was being compared to an algae eating fish in a fish tank - I wasn't offended I pretty much agreed. I'm a thrifty bargain hunter and I'm not ashamed of digging under a table for that box of hidden treasure - treasure to me at least.

Next I went here The Store on Main. This is more of an antique mall / consignment. There are booths set up for individual sellers and they have a bargain basement. Although there hasn't been any bargains added since the last time I was there - I always take a look. There's a little sewing cabinet in there that I've had my eye on. Too big for me to carry on this run - but maybe next time.

I went here next Wm. Smith Antiques. Nice shop, they have beautiful vintage jewelry that I always drool over. They have 2 store mascots - kitties. I forgot about them until I was inside - there's a bench reserved for them with blankets - they have the biggest orange long haired tabby I've ever seen - I'm talking close to 15-20 pounds. We made friends this time when I was there. I was looking through a box of postcards behind the bench and he sat there on the bench staring at me, until finally I gave in and pet him. Yeah I gave in the cat lover...ha ha ha.

Unfortunately, one store was closed and I didn't have time to check the other one out. There's alway next time.

I know you've been waiting - what did I find? Here's my silver platter special. Everything on it was under $1 each. The blanket binding was only 10 cents. The little book is from 1912 and is a bank book - it has some great pages including the US Presidents - up to the 27th William Taft, domestic postage 2 cents, how to administer 1st aid to the injured, useful information for business men, how to prevent fires, cleaning various substances, maps, calendar....more than just a bank book!

Next I found some cute vintage Valentines for $1 each and some $3 postcards. There was so much more I wanted to bring home. There's always next time.

My mom came home from the hospital yesterday - she is feeling well - just tired. You don't get any rest in the hospital - so I think she probably slept the rest of the day. But before I left she handed me her sewing box and said go through this - I think you'll find somethings you like. I was puzzled until I got home and took out the two top trays to reveal this: Hundreds of buttons! I guess she had forgotten they were in there until she had needed to sew something. She said she had just collected them throughout the years. So fun!

Well, I'm off - it's a raining morning here. Time for laundry, smoothies and crafts!


Scrap for Joy said...

Your treasures are interesting. I love wooden spools....don't know quite what to do with them but I like them. Love the little bluebird card...what IS it about birds anymore!!! We really have to come to your places and poke around.

Chele said...

I found a really cute thing to do with wooden spools...but I'm keeping it a secret for now....hehe...I think I might make some for friends...

Trish said...

Love your treasures!!! You did well!