Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where to begin...

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when you wanted to go all Susan Powter and scream stop the insantity? (Remember those commercials?) Yeah I'm about right there lately. Things have been nonstop at work and at home.

That's why my dining room looks like this: Brace yourself and I'll be ready for the shame to begin.

This is part I'm cleaning out stuff to go to goodwill, part I just got a new car so all of the crap from my old car is now there, part went camping and this is where this tote will sit and part I haven't had anytime to put anything where it truly belongs. Thankfully only the dining room and my craft room look like tornado ran through them.

But I've been busy trying to get projects finished for a party. I'm throwing a 70th Birthday Luncheon for my Grandma. She still gets together with girls she went to highschool with - isn't that awesome!?! So I've been planning and creating things for the party. Here's a peak at what I've got so far: The invitation, a Celebrate banner
and a Birthday Cake centerpiece, which I will be making a 6x6 book to match of the party. I still need to create favors and wish cards that will be incorporated in to the mini book.

I've managed to make this banner for her as a gift also. Darrell is her last name. I come from a craft family so she appreciates homespun gifts as much as I love making and giving them. Here's a couple close up shots of some of the pennants.
Well, that's all for me for now! I much more to post - coming soon a post on some of the great finds I've managed to get lately.


Bev said...

I know what you mean about screaming! I'd post a pic of my LR, but I might break the camera!

I love you banners and especially the cake! I'm assuming you used a round paper mache' box??

Don't worry, hump day is over...weekend here we come!!!

mimi said...

Oh you are too clever!!!! That cake box/album is wonderful.

I think we are all in the same boat with our house cleaning. I hope I hope I don't have any surprise visitors soon---boy would I be embarrassed.

Hope things slow down a bit for you