Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 25! Merry Christmas!!!

Day 25 - from Linda.  Peace on earth!  Such a sweet little girl on the cover.  The angel is a magnet.  She is happily hanging on my freezer.


Linda said...

I'm so happy she found a home with you. Merry Christmas

Linda said...

Such a beautiful Day 25 Matchbox! We also were both in the Peppermint Tag Swap so I have one of your darling tags! (and I see mine hanging on your garland in the picture). Merry Christmas and thank you for participating in the Matchbox Swap! Linda

Lyneen said...

I am making one last round... I had a great time checking on blogs over the last month. It was a joy participating in this swap! Love all of your posts during the month. Been going through all the posts on each blog today. THANKS FOR SHARING!

Happy New Year!