Sunday, March 2, 2008

O Winter.....

So I completely skipped out on my blog for the entire month of February. Opps! I've been having fun doing crafty things. That's the one sad thing about Winter ending - even though I'm totally looking for Spring - I'll have less time for crafty things because I'll want to be out enjoying the sunshine. O well! So I've been a busy little bee this weekend - here's a peek.

This is a gift for my husband's grandma. Her birthday is in April - his mom asked me to make her something for her birthday this past October. Needless to say with wedding and holidays - I just now got to it. The photos are of her and her brother - the color one is from this past summer. I'm lovin' the paper lace that I received a as a sweet treat recently - Thanks MM!

And this one - well it's for me. I lifted the idea from a layout a friend (you know who you are) sent me over a year ago. Turned out cute. Plus it gives me something to laugh about at work!

PS: Dig the crazy wall paper?!? Gotta love it - my apartment is ancient and apparently so is this wallpaper. :P

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