Sunday, April 27, 2008


My favorite thing next to actually creating - is junkin'! I woke up early this morning and ran to the flea market. The first booth I hit score me some old buttons for 25 cents a card. But the second both I hit gave me the score of the day. It was basically an estate sale at the flea market. I love the sound of "everything $1 or less!" being yelled at a flea market only to find a treasure trove of boxes filled with junk. I love how some of these booths / tables have a story to tell. Apparently, the items at this booth belonged to man's mother Dolly and most were packed away in 1950's. He said his mother was a gatherer. Well bless her heart - I gathered tons at that booth! I had so much to carry I had to go straight back to the car. I got this box full of old Gerber baby food jars full of sequins and glitter. I gather some other items to like neat old shaker bottles to store some glitter in for easy use, a pretty old vintage velvet purse and vintage 50's dress patterns. I fell in love with this little imp of an STSA (Bethanie's abbreviation that I've borrowed the use of), she's sitting on an old tin that I scooped up too. She reminded me of some one I know very!

This last item from there I almost missed! It was lying on the tailgate of the truck . I didn't realize what a treasure I really did find until I got it home. The man there had guessed it was from the store his family use to run. The ledger beings in 1954 and ends in 1984. The writing is mostly numbers, some random phone numbers and then I found this pressed between the pages 2 four leaf clovers - yes indeed this was a lucky book and a lucky day for junkin'.

I found lots of other goodies, but this one was also a random, surprise find. Look how cute these little bellas are. I scooped up the whole box - only 3 broken out of about 60, but the broken ones are totally glueable! Yep new word - I just made that up!

I hope you enjoyed some of my finds I junked out today. I plan on sharing some of these - they are too precious to keep all to myself.


SweetBellaBug said...

Oh - I'm so jealous!! What a wonderful day of Junkin' you had!! Just love the bellas - and the ledger - what an awesome find! Can't wait to see you next week!

mimi said...

Oh my gosh did you do great at the flea market!!!!! I just love those little princess dolls and that ledger is too cool for words. I can't wait until Saturday----bring all your goodies so we can see them in person.

marcia said...

so my mom gave me two kleenex boxes from 1938... i have no idea what to do with them. any ideas? haha. they are really cool and have the origial tissue inside. but what the HECK do i do with them!?