Sunday, April 27, 2008

A wedding ...a new beginning...

Yesterday my pal Kim & I photographed my cousin's wedding. This was my first time ever helping out with formal wedding photos. It was definitely a learning experience. The photos turned out beautifully. Here's me cheesing it up for Kim, while being her model to test her flash bounce.

Here's my cousin Toni & her new husband Wayne. They are both country lovin' souls, so the men's attire fit them well - black cowboy hats (removed in the church), cowboy boots, a little camo and black jeans!

Pastor Nancy had an emergency and was unable to attend the reception and thus unable to give the blessing, so...I felt so bad and my cousin really didn't know who else would have done it - I volunteered. I always wonder "how do I get myself into these things?" - I have a big mouth that's how! So here's proof - I don't know if I blinked or if I was praying at this point - I don't even remember everything I said - I think I blacked out, but I was told I did good...I hope so!

Funny story about my cousin and I. We never knew we were related. Apparently, the family had drifted apart years before we were teens. We met because she was dating a friend of a friend and always ended up out at the same clubs together. One night after dancing and carrying on we ended up at the old stand by Eat n' Park. We started talking about family and she mentioned an older relative and I was like - what who? The conversation kept flowing with lots of what's, no-way's and whooaaa's. So we hadn't figured all of the logistics out but I think we are second cousins - not sure, but we're family some how. I thought about all of this after the blessing and thought the dj introduced me as cousin of the bride. I've never met most of my cousins relatives and they were probably thinking - cousin? What cousin is this?

O well - we are ALL family some how!

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