Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Everyone has skeletons right? Some live in closets, mine lived in a vintage Samsonite train case in my basement storage. I was recently confronted by my case-o-skeleton while in storage digging out one of the cat carriers. I knew the case was there - but I swear I hadn't opened it in nearly 10 years. So this past Saturday I finally opened the case and confronted a skeleton.

The case contained memories from a boy I dated when I was 16ish. Seems so funny now thinking back about what my feelings were then for that boy and what my feels are now for my husband. I discarded most of the items in the case, but I couldn't part with these wonderful envelopes and a few ephemera items, that will actually become part of art someday. I give the boy a lot of credit he was a really good artist.

I had to enclose the other picture just because - I laughed when I saw it and thought - o crap I was really young and man I wore the heck out of that dress; wonder what ever happened to it?


Bev (twofrogs84) said...

I've dug up some old "skeletons" too and WOW how things where? Things you say, the styles, etc. Most times I ask myself "what was I thinking!!"

Oh ya, just wanted to tell you... nice hair!!

Bev :)

Chele said...

Haha....the best part about my hair - is that I had way worse styles than that one...ooooo there's a good blog post. Hair's I've had...hehe