Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Tuesday break...

Wasn't today nice? If you live anywhere near Western PA, you know what I'm talking about. I enjoyed the fact that we had rain and the temperature has dropped below 80 degrees and the humidity is gone. I am not a really great summer weather lover. Give me 70 degree days at the most. I did make the most of the day, whilst dodging passing thunderstorms. I was off today and since my car was in the shop a block way from the house, I walked up town to visit some shops. Since I was nearly 1 hour early for any of them to be open, I decided to have breakfast at a little restaurant a 1/2 block away from the courthouse called The Common Court. I hadn't been in there in ages. Still the same wallpaper and decor and still the same neato counter and swivel stools. I enjoyed eating my breakfast amongst strangers, happily perched on my baby blue vinyl swivel stool. After killing time I wandered down Main Street, but sadly most of my local stops are closed until Wednesday. But there's always one Antique store with a bargain basement that never lets me down.

I didn't get more than 5 steps in the door and I spied a rack of postcards marked with a magical sign - only $1! I scooped up these two. I loved the yellow roses and the fact that it says SUNSHINE in large letters. I really like the look of the other card with the little bonneted girl and the word October - it's my favorite month.

About two steps from the postcards was another great find with another magical sign - only 50 cents - buy 3 get one free! Yeah I totally had to dig through that basket.

I also found this cute book there for only $1. Although the book is really worn and missing the back cover, the Pitter Patter Book is filled with cute stories, some funny games, but mostly some lovely illustrations. Guessing from the style, this book is from the 20's. I can't wait to do a project with some of these.

After I got my car back and $190 dollars later for a new cadalidic converter. I drove over to St. Vincent DePaul's thrift store and found these little joyful nuggets. The jewelry box is pretty worn, but I loved it's small size and it was only 49 cents. I had actually picked up both rolls of ribbon on a different visit and set them back down. Well today they were marked 1/2 price. So I score them both for 70 cents. Yeah I'm cheap! Have a great Tuesday!

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Bev (twofrogs84) said...

Ok, too much great stuff up your way....I think I'm gonna have to take a day trip soon!!!