Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday's Galore!

Happy Birthday Joyce!

Here's a pic of my mother in law and myself. She is happily holding a canvas that I made for her.

I've teased her since June about having her Birthday present made and final gave it to her on Saturday.

She handed me a set of photos of my brother in law's family that lives in Louisiana and asked me "Can you make me something with these?". I thought can I do something with these, please...haha! Well I knew I wanted to do something other than a scrapbook, like I think she thought I was going to do. But after asking her if she had room on a wall for something that was 12" x 24" and rearrange the photos about a million times and wracking my brain for a day I finally had this.

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Bev said...

I just love all the B-day stuff you made! I especially love the cake and the fairy of your grandmother's pic - way too cool!!

Looks like your B-day'd out with all that fun stuff...

Thanks for sharing!