Monday, August 25, 2008

Whewwww parties over....

Well all of the planning and work was worth it. The party went great and my Grandma was really surprised. I was also surprised to find out that this was the first planned out Birthday Party she's ever had, I guess all of the others were spur of the moment.

Three of her girlfriends from high school were able to make it. They carried on, laughed and had a great time. It was fun listening to them talk about drag racing up and down Main Street and about boys they use to date. Funny to think about my Grandma being a passenger in a car drag racing, wearing her saddle shoes and poodle skirt. There's a picture I wish I had.

But here is one I do have - here's my Gram and her girlfriends. She the one on the far left with the red shirt on. These gals hadn't seen or spoken to each over in over 30 years until one Summer one of them tracked the others down and final had a gathering. They said they tried to figure who each of them was as they walked in the door. They all agreed that my Grandma hadn't really changed much and was the only one they all guessed correctly.

Here is a birthday gift that I created for her. The photo is of her at about age 7. I love the "I'm so not havin' this" look on her face. I really like how it turned out. I didn't know if she would realize it was her right away, but she laughed as soon as she opened it and said, "Where did you get that photo?". HAHA guess she didn't realize how many photos I copied while doing family tree research.

Here's a pic of some of the goodie bags I made. I decorated mini composition books with paper, ink, stamps and some die cuts and even found some mini mechanical pencils in the back to school section that worked perfectly for them. I found the cello bags at the local cake and candy decorating shop and made the bag toppers from card stock and scrap paper.

This a little Target spot mailbox that I've had for a while now. I decorated with some scraps and placed pens and index cards with it for party goers to write Birthday wishes and messages for my Grandma. Once I get the photos developed I'm going to add the cards and make a mini book to fit inside of this Birthday cake I made for a center piece. The best part is that I stole the cards away and no one has had a chance to read them - not even me! So I'll be surprised when I start to creating.

More creatings photos soon to come!


Scrap for Joy said...

OMG! No wonder we haven't seen you for a've been working like a crazy lady to make all these beautiful things for your Grandmother and Mother-in-Law. Happy Birthday ladies!
Where do I begin? My eyes flew right out of their sockets when I saw the fairy of your have taken that first little girl in the jar to new and higher heights. It is wonderful! (You know I have a big birthday in of these would be the perfect gift..{{hint}}!!) The cake is a masterpiece...did I mention my birthday in January? and the little notebooks the perfect little favor. I'm sure Dorothy and all the ladies had a fabulous time.
The canvas for Joyce will be a treasured heirloom, I'm sure, and so much more visable than a scrapbook. You are incredibly gifted Michele-I stand in awe!
Joyce.....who will be having a (real BIG)birthday in January.

mimi said...

Oh Michele what amazing things you have been creating. That fairy board and your party favors were so perfect. I am sure that everyone was thrilled to have received one. But that birthday cake was my absolute favorite. Now I know that our friend Miss Joyce has reminded you that she has a REALLY BIG birthday coming in January. Seeing that it is SO BIG I am sure she will never remember giving you that hint SOOOO just thought I mention that ---My birthday is in February :) You already know my favorite colors (hehehehe)
Seriously though, I agree 100% with Joyce. You are so very talented!!!!!
Mimi-----who's birthday is in February :)

marcia furman said...

Your Grandma is a lucky gal!!!