Saturday, April 24, 2010

Junkin' Finds!

I was on a hunt today for some new junkin' supplies and my local indoor flea market did not let me down. I went to my favorite postcard and photo supplier first and found some great vintage images. Would you believe that all of these were only 50 cents a piece!?! Also, another reason why they are my favorite supplier. I was tickled to find the flapper photo on the right to add to my flapper photo collection. I love looking at the detail or the clothing, jewelry and furniture in these pictures. Look at that baby carriage, can you image having on like that today? I also picked up a couple other vintage wedding images and post cards that are not listed, but they need to remain a supply for my swap partner.

Next I went to tables that benefit the local Humane Society. They always have some interesting items and that are dirt cheap, plus you don't feel bad about splurging on them because they benefit a good cause. I loved the old salt shaker and shaker jar - I paid a quarter for each. I thought hmm....those would be great to use for the button flowers I started to toy with. I think they will cute once I get more made. The vintage gloves were 50 cents, the picture dominoes were $2, the cute little plates were 25 cents each and only 10 cents for the old maid cards.

I got a couple of things at the local Goodwill store also. The cute little Christmas kitty for 49 cents, 2 small pans for crafting 49 cents each, glass plate stand for $1.99 and the vintage steamers for 59 cents each! The two vintage glitters are in glass vile with crackled rubber stoppers - got all of them for 79 cents. I also got this great old children's book about houses around the world. I will post some image from the book at a later time. I also fell in love with the phonics games and there images for 50 cents each.
I did some research on the Horse Show ribbon, dated 1954 from Idora Park. It was a 25 cent flea market find. Idora Park was in Youngstown, OH and was open from 1899 - 1984. The amusement park popularly known as "Youngstown's Million Dollar Playground." The park's first season presented its guests a bandstand, theater, dance pavilion, a roller coaster, a circle swing, and concession stands. The park suffered a devestating fire in 1984 from a welding torch's heat or sparks may have ignited leaves or roofing material. A sad story follows the remains of the park after the fire, the property is currently owned by a church in the area, with plans to redevelop the property.

I always wonder about the history of vintage items that I find or about the lives of the people in them. I had a roommate a few years back that had a total fit when I bought an antique chest into the apartment. They were Jamaican and apparently very superstitious and thought that antiques could carry ghost of past owners with them. I laughed to myself, but honored their fear and took the chest to my parents for storage.

I grew up with a family that loves antiques, vintage, broken down items. I have fond memories of the old 8 foot wooden and leather deacons bench that was in my parent's living room. To this day it still sits in the same location and is as sturdy as ever. The story about it is pretty funny, apparently my dad in the 70's before I was born and he was still a hippie with long wavy hair, brought it home from an antique store across the back of this Ford pick up truck. It was too long to fit in the truck bed so it stratled the bed sticking out of both sides of the truck. How many kids can say that their toy box was an old copper wash tub? It now doubles as my paper recycling bin. Or for a short time their play house was an old panel truck, that kinda looked like this. Yeah probably not the safest in the world, but I was a rough and tumble little tomboy. Okay, I really didn't intend for this post to go off into a walk down memory lane, but it was a nice visit for me any way. I hope you enjoyed the story too!


Scrap for Joy said...

I am so glad to see that you're blogging...and creating again! I'm coming to your place to get cabinet cards...I can't find any for less than $3-$5 a piece. I need a wedding one, too-LOL!
Loved your Bingo cards, too. I haven't "shopped" at Lisa's lately-I bet she has tons of new images. It was great that you were featured in her gallery! Welcome Back!

Bev said...

Congrats on being featured! I need to know where that flea market is...looks like it's worth the trip! Love the photos and all the vintage items! Thanks for a history lesson too...I love hearing a story behind a piece. Hope you are well!

marcia furman said...

Amazing finds!! We should go thrifting or garage sailing sometime again old times!