Sunday, December 5, 2010

Next to fall decorating I love Christmas decorating!

Anyone that really knows me knows that I am a thrifty shopper.  I shudder most of the time to even think about having to pay full price for anything.  I am a coupon clipper, a thrift store shopper and a bargainer.  I think that is why I love Black Friday so much…I must admit that it is a guilty pleasure of mine, searching the sneak peaks online and then sitting there Thanksgiving night with a stack of sales flyers, notepad and pen in hand to make my game plan for the next morning.  Granted, I’m not really as crazy as some, like that lady from the Target commercials – ha!  I purposely slept on the couch, set the timer on the coffee pot and had my clothes already laid out and ready to go.  As I headed out and saw the parking lot for Target and Walmart (mine are in the same plaza) I thought for a brief moment “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WOMAN???”, but then I sucked it up and went for it.  I managed to get some great deals and love the fact that Kmart will honor Black Friday prices to be put on layaway.  I treated myself to a couple of Christmas presents, because of that.

After I got home and unloaded, I decided to start decorating for Christmas.  I wanted a completely different theme this year, with more of a vintage feel and had been picking up items here and there for the last month.  Okay back to that thrifty thing…almost all of my ornaments this year where $1 or under.

These cute little reindeer came from the dollar spot at Target, the red reindeer were 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree, the snowflakes from the a dollar store a couple years ago, the candy canes were 50% off at Michaels, the glass Martha Stewart balls were 75% off at Kmart last year after Christmas and the Santa boots were 40% off at Kohl’s and with my $10 off of $10 or more coupon, there were practically free.  I made a couple of minor splurges on Ebay this year, first was the vintage Santa topper – it was listed cheap because it was missing the piece that holds it to the tree, I fixed that by attaching it to my other plain star topper with some string, plus now it lights up.  I also got the glittered Putz house ornaments – I love them!  I got a new felt tree skirt at the Family Dollar for $5 and two new stockings there to match for $2 each.

I love to decorate, but my current apartment is very tiny, so I improvised and had to limit some of my items.  No animated Snoopy and Pooh this year, but I wrapped some of my wall art with wrapping paper and ribbon to bring the colors into a room, without taking up any space.

So far I haven’t been able to be too crafty yet, but I was able to whip together some ornaments for family members…thrifty again, I got a package of six glittery snowflakes for $1, used scrap Christmas paper to decorate and glitter letters I already had.  Quick, cheap & cute ornament & package decorations!  Plus my family loves homemade items – so I & my wallet win!

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