Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I love fall! The leaves, the craft shows, snuggly clothes and comfort foood....love it all. Also, leads many of us, atleast me into a more creative zone. I've made some little goodies lately, but you can only have a sneak peak, since the recipeints haven't seen them yet.

First, a peak at my Altered Treasure Tin Swap. This was fun, I think I will do more of these for Christmas trinkets. Guess I better get to eating those Altoids. Yep, that's all you get. More later after my partner gets it in the mail.

Then there were these spooky little goodies. I'm getting geared up for Halloween already. I just found out that they are showing the original Night of the Living Dead outside at the park in Evans City (where it was filmed) on Halloween night. Ewww.....creepy!!!! I will show you more of these after I ship them out.

Now for a little peak into my crafty zone. These are a couple of areas that provide inspiration to me. Although, the room is not complete yet. Hopefully, the cool weather will also get me into organizing some more. This is the view directly to my right at my table.

Then above that area on the wall is this little shelf that I have all of my pins stashed in little jars or old jello forms. I love those little jello forms, I have a stash of them...hehe

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