Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

treasure - a collection of precious things

I'm starting something new! Every Tuesday I am going to feature some new free images or treasures as like to refer to them. We will start off our first series with images from a recent children's book that I bought at the Goodwill titled "Let's Find out About Houses". I just loved the artwork in it.

Enjoy the freebies and please post a comment if you create with them, I'd love to see your creation!


marcia furman said...


Scrap for Joy said...

Love the images! I'm trying to keep up with ALL of your posts but you're getting them in faster than I can read them! Hahahahaha! I loved your little peat pot fairy...you are a gifted artist!

Katsui Jewelry said...

I really enjoyed your blog. You have made some really cool banners and others crafts and, as i sit here with insomnia, it has given me some good ideas! I have been looking through the blog list for A Swap for all Seasons and checking out the blogs which is how I found you. I joined the next swap and was interested in who participated...some I know and some were great new blogs that I haven't seen.


My daughter and I are relatively new bloggers...it really isn't about Katsui Jewelry and I wish I could get rid of that! Stop by sometime, if you want.